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V.I.P. (2017)

V.I.P. (2017)

Jang Dong-GunMyung-Min KimLee Jong-SukHee-soon Park
Park Hoon-jung


V.I.P. (2017) is a Korean movie. Park Hoon-jung has directed this movie. Jang Dong-Gun,Myung-Min Kim,Lee Jong-Suk,Hee-soon Park are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. V.I.P. (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The son of a high-ranking North Korean official is suspected of committing serial murders around the world, and is chased by South Korea, North Korea and Interpol.

V.I.P. (2017) Reviews

  • Mediocre for Korean standards


    While the cast for the roles is superb this movie lacks considerably in plot. The storyline is weak with no suspense and 1 or 2 tiny plot twists that aren't that interesting. To be honest the situations the stars get into are far from the reality anyone could have in mind. In short 3 different parties want to capture a serial killer that is the son of a high ranking official. There is no hunt whatsoever though since he literally does not try to evade them at all. The action in the movie is almost non existent with the exception of literally only 2 scenes. Felt greatly disappointed since Korean movies are usually fantastic in this genre. 5 / 10 stars only for the casting and the length of the movie

  • VIP Review: Park Hoon-jung impresses big time with this crime-action thriller!


    Movie: VIP (18): Action/Crime/Thriller - Korean Positives: Negatives: Repeat value: Yes Overall, VIP comes out as a refreshing entertainer which blends action and thrill in a unique proportion, It's even good to see Park Hoon-jung write with his usual style, as he did in "The Unjust" and "I Saw the Devil". Just make sure kids don't get to watch the film (unless they become old enough). A definitely entertaining watch for genre fans, and much, much, much better than "New World".

  • Not very good, indeed


    SPOILER: All the A-list Korean actors, but sadly wasted by a ridiculous screenplay. Americans were again played the role with no conscience and blind justice. South Koreans had kao-tau to the Americans, covered up the horrible serial killer from the North Korea. And North Koreans also got no conscience and turned a blind eye to the serial crimes as long as the guy's father was still in power. South Korean Police high ranking officers got no conscience either, so the real detective who did the right thing was wasted for nothing to gain. The whole movie is a much ado about nothing circle, just telling a ridiculous story, but there's one thing to learn from this film, especially to our men, you and me: Never insult another guy's impotency publicly, if you do, you might pay a very high price later.

  • Great acting. Gruesome movie.


    MORE REVIEWS AT booksequalhappiness.blogspot.com REVIEW: SHOULD YOU WATCH IT: Your choice. Take note that there are many morbid scenes.

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