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Walk of Fame (2017)

Walk of Fame (2017)

Scott EastwoodMalcolm McDowellChris KattanJamie Kennedy
Jesse Thomas


Walk of Fame (2017) is a English movie. Jesse Thomas has directed this movie. Scott Eastwood,Malcolm McDowell,Chris Kattan,Jamie Kennedy are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Walk of Fame (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Drew (Scott Eastwood) signs up for an acting class at the famous Star Academy in Hollywood after falling for aspiring actress Nikki. He gets more than he bargained for when he encounters an eccentric and volatile acting coach (Malcolm McDowell) and the cast of crazy characters looking for their big break in Tinsel Town. Can Drew survive the insanity of the Star Academy and win Nikki's heart?


Walk of Fame (2017) Reviews

  • don't bother


    I have to say there aren't too many movies out there that are so bad that you have to keep watching until the end. The plot was quite predictable, the acting was horrendous, and the cinematography was barely up to par. I was also quite disappointed that Scott Eastwood, a man of a higher caliber, would accept a role and movie so diminishing to his career. I basically wasted an hour and a half watching this.

  • Where is the Laughter?


    So a guy who has failed the bar exam twice is working in a call centre who happens on a girl who has just been groped and then is harassed by the police should sound like the beginnings a of a set of chain of events that would have you rolling on the floor with laughter! Well I'm still wondering why this movie was made as it is so bad and I didn't laugh once. The story line feels like many of it's sketches were pulled from other movies of the 80's (Police Academy to name one) but failed to deliver any punches. Having seen Scott Eastwood in a few other films I had hoped this would be a good addition to his repertoire but alas, it feels like it was a job only for the money. Let's hope he was paid decent for this lack luster attempt at film making.

  • Horrendous


    This film tells the story of a handsome young man, who joins an acting class in order to be close to a beautiful female stranger. He encounters any strange events, but makes a bunch of friends along the way. The story of "Walk of Fame" is really horrendous. It contains a parade of incredibly clichéd characters. Every major ethnic group is represented, and it also includes people of shorter stature, gays and lesbians. It is good to have a diverse cast, but in this film the cast is so forcefully put together that it looks more like a circus show. The story is basically a constant stream of either people being really nasty to each other, or acting really strange. The jokes with endless sexual innuendos are funny the first time, but really tiring after the tenth time. I do wonder why Scott Eastwood is involved with this horrendous project. His character rolls his eyes many times in the film, when unbelievable things happen. I can say that Eastwood's facial expression is actually genuine, because I can't believe what a train wreck I am watching on the screen.

  • Dude


    I'm legit wine drunk and I still think this is garbage. And I LIKE bad movies. Save yourself the trouble. Don't watch this.

  • Hilarious & Enjoyable


    Walk of Fame is truly a special comedy that was a very enjoyable watch. Scott Eastwood stars as Drew, a customer service representative that hates his job and can't make it into law school. Turning his attention to a new occupation and love interest, he follows the attractive and recently fired Laura Ashley Samuels (Nikki) into Star Maker Academy. The plot was based on a group of unique actors with various personalities that were trying to achieve stardom through acting school, headed by the eccentric and outlandish Evan Polus (Malcolm McDowell). Chris Kattan (Alejandro) was the instructor of the school's beginner class and was my favorite character of the film. His reactions to everyone's performances during the first class session had me laughing extremely hard. I thought the many different situations that resulted from the plot were hilarious because they touched base with every character's distinctive personality. I highly recommend this fun and light-hearted movie that is now available on VOD.


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