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Watch Out, We're Mad (1974)

Watch Out, We're Mad (1974)

Terence HillBud SpencerPatty ShepardDeogratias Huerta
Marcello Fondato


Watch Out, We're Mad (1974) is a Italian movie. Marcello Fondato has directed this movie. Terence Hill,Bud Spencer,Patty Shepard,Deogratias Huerta are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1974. Watch Out, We're Mad (1974) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Kid and Ben tie in a race to win a red dune buggy with a yellow top. During Kid and Ben's hotdog and beer contest, to see who will keep the the dune buggy, a local mob demolishes it! Kid and Ben want revenge... and the replacement of their dune buggy!

Watch Out, We're Mad (1974) Reviews

  • Missed it by THAT Much


    Way way back in 1978, this film ran on our cable about two weeks before we got our first VCR. I've been looking for a copy ever since. It may be the single best of the Hill/Spencer collaborations; wonderfully silly and harmlessly violent. Hill/Spencer films have always reminded me of the better Warner Bros. cartoon shorts -- as if the Wolf and the Sheep Dog interrupted their long-running battle of wits and teamed up to save the peaceful sheepherders from the evil cattlemen. If you like slapstick humour that falls somewhere between Hope & Crosby, Laurel & Hardy and the Three Stooges, but more physical than any of those, this is a film you should see.

  • Fantastic !


    Closed action, humour to the maximum. A trick away the other, he works everything perfectly, there is nothing out of place ! Bud Spencer to the maximum of the form. Memorable sequences, from that of the game of the Lippa to the duel on bikes. Donald Pleasance funny in the part of the psychiatrist. But the top is the scene of the chorus: irresistible music and the couple engaged to escape from the killer. Phenomenal. The all one seasonned by an exceptional sound-track, compound from Guido and Maurizio De Angelis (Oliver Onions). Overall the mythical song "Dune Buggy" whose words have been written by director Marcello Fondato.

  • One of the best films of Hill & Spencer


    In the concept of Hill&Spencer films, "Y si no, nos enfadamos" (Spanish title) is one of the funniest. Plot is designed specially for this actors, and they use all the tricks for they are best known. Unforgettable, the scene of the chorus (a.k.a. "pom pom pom / la la la)and the last battle in the balloons room. One interesting detail about this film is that it was filmed in Spain (more exactly in Madrid) and you can see many spanish support artist like Luis Barbero (well known in last years due to his character "Matías" in "Médico de Familia") or humorist Emilio Laguna (chorus director.) So you must watch this film... o si no, nos enfadamos ;)

  • Superb!


    If you want to see a very funny and addictive action movie, you must watch this one... Here we have two rival wreck car racing pilots(Bud Spencer and Terence Hill), both very skilled, so skilled that after a tremendous race they finishes simultaneously... and together they wins a dune buggy, the prize for the winner. Naturally, each of them wants the buggy for himself, so the tough guys decides to bet the car in a "beer and beans" contest(!). But just when the "contest" starts, the bad ones, led by a megalomaniac rich man and his psychologist, destroy the dune buggy...... You can imagine the reaction of Spencer and Hill... A remarkable scene: the one of the killer ("Paganini") in the auditorium.(A masterpiece!)

  • Brilliant!!


    This is a great film. A friend lent it to me, and I thought I probably wouldn't like it, but it turns out that I love it! It has everything: Side splitting scenes, like when they are singing in the choir ("Bwa-bwa-bwa!"), cheesy bad guys, retro fashion, a stylish bad guy, in the form of Paganini, and true friendship. I thought the fight scenes were amazingly well choreographed. 10 out of 10!


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