Welcome to Curiosity (2018)

Welcome to Curiosity (2018)

Amrita AchariaJack AshtonRichard BlackwoodKacey Clarke
Ben Pickering


Welcome to Curiosity (2018) is a English movie. Ben Pickering has directed this movie. Amrita Acharia,Jack Ashton,Richard Blackwood,Kacey Clarke are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Welcome to Curiosity (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Four interconnected stories surrounding the escape from prison of a notorious serial killer.

Welcome to Curiosity (2018) Reviews

  • Oh dear - more fake reviews...


    Don't know where to start with this film... It mentioned somewhere that this is an example of (one of) the best in British cinema! God help us if that's the case! The film was below average, with below average acting and many obvious goofs/impossibilities in the film. The reviewers who have said that fake accounts have been created to artificially increase the rating of the film have really got a case. Simply awful! The plot??? Well - please don't let me start on that!

  • A train wreck of a movie that has been loaded up with fake 10 stars and reviews.


    This is just an incoherent mess, it's like someone took pieces from various unrelated movies and spliced them together.

  • Utter Rubbish


    Definitely fake accounts hyping this movie up, this was the most boring, poorly scripted movie I've seen in a while. Far too much going on at one time and nothing really connecting the storylines. Average acting, average storyline.

  • Go see another thriller


    It's a good story but the acting is bad. There is too much happening. There are some good plot twists so, 3 stars.

  • I golf on Wednesday


    Lee Hunting, a serial killer, flees from an asylum. There is a hunt on in the town of Curiosity for the killer. The film is divided into subplots, some of which don't come together. There is the story of a beer distributor who picks up a hitchhiker named Lewis. There is a female walking along the highway. There is a group of people planning a robbery. A boy on a bicycle thinks the gardener is a serial killer. There is a man who shows up late in the film with "Lee" tattooed on his arm. The film moves along between the subplots as separate stories. I found the stories interesting and was waiting for them to tie together. Some did, some did not. Guide: F-word, sex, nudity


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