Why Cheat India (2019)

Why Cheat India (2019)

Emraan HashmiShreya DhanwantharySnighdadeep ChatterjiShubham Somu Srivastava
Soumik Sen


Why Cheat India (2019) is a Hindi movie. Soumik Sen has directed this movie. Emraan Hashmi,Shreya Dhanwanthary,Snighdadeep Chatterji,Shubham Somu Srivastava are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Why Cheat India (2019) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The movie focuses on existing malpractices in country's education system, the whole concept of buying your way through education, jobs and earnings. Even with an evolving education system, the country faces scams like SSC and HSC paper leaks, CBSE re-examination, Vyaapam, etc. The movie tries to shift the attention of people to understand the vulnerability of hardworking and gifted students who get left out.


Why Cheat India (2019) Reviews

  • 'My child always comes first in class', this syndrome has truly ruined everything.


    I saw this in a theatre with my teenage son who wants to do Engineering. Since this film is focussed on the subject of education n the pressure surrounding it, I am glad I saw this with my son. The film is enlightening n entertaining. Hashmi's acting is praiseworthy. Here, he looked n acted very sober n intelligent compared to his previous glamourous roles. He is famous for two things, songs n smooches n this film does have both of em but very mildly. Hashmi shud be commended to do a movie like this which is so opposite to the regular Bollywood trash, minus the item songs (which is Hashmi's forte), minus the awful gravity defying action sequences, minus the ridiculous six pack abs, etc. Inspite of the budget, the film is very well made. The end speech in the courtroom did make some sense regarding the deserving candidate n the twist was kinda good. This film is anyday better than the awful Simmba.

  • Go watch cheat India


    Please go an watch cheat India do not listen any nagative reviews it's a awesome subject and awesome acting by Emraan sir you must have to go

  • The movie has it's heart in the right place.


    I loved the trailer So I decided to watch this one first day first show.Write from the start of the movie we get to know about Satyendra who studies whole day and night to clear The entrance exam.He worries that if He fails what will happen to his Father who has taken education loans for him.Fortunately he cracks the entrance exam with high rank.Then we met Rakesh (Emraan Hashmi). After that you need to watch the movie to know. I was a bit disappointed with the less number of audience witnessing this movie.This movie successful captures everything and dosen't shy away from exposing the education system.The Cheating mafia's ruining the life of Good students and making them write Proxy Exams for undeserving students in exchange of money,The race of admission.Everything is beautiful captured in the First half.Second half is about how Rakesh widens his wings and plans for a big scam.Here is where movie loses it's pace and makes audience confuse about certain things.But...but..but If we ignore some flaws in the second half still this movie has lot's to offer.This movie should be witnessed by every student and parent.I won't say it's a must watch but if you want to know every aspect of our Education system who should certainly watch it You won't be dissapointed. Performance wise - The guy playing Satyendra was good,Shreya was good has well But here Emraan Hashmi nails every bit of Rakesh.He is so natural that you sometimes feel sad why he is not considered has a A-listor in Bollywood. Direction - Direction by Soumik Sen could have been better in Second half Considering the fact that he is also the writer of the movie. Overall - If Simmba can be a blockbuster,Movie like Race3 can earn 100s of crores.Than this movie which suprisingly has never been attempted in Bollywood should atleast deserve a chance.Yes the movie has some flaws but you can ignore it.Please do watch it

  • Subject of movie is very good


    Movie is good and idea to bring cheating scandles in admissions and job (like SSC) openly is fantastic.

  • Touches the bar of Bhatt camp muvis but with weak music.


    The movie puts light on one of the ways of how students get into elite institutes by illegal means. The movie offers more than that in trailer. It sets a plot that goes different from what one predicts. The Bhatt camp is known for movies involving love story, an anti entity accompanied by great music. It is successful formula in earning up to multiple times of movie budget. This movie however is inspired from real incidences and inclines more towards reality. Music is good not as good as other movies belonging to respective camp. Overall touches the bar of movies from Bhatt camp. Final Verdict: It is an average business, decide yourself if to watch or not.


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