Wings: Sky Force Heroes (2014)

Wings: Sky Force Heroes (2014)

Josh DuhamelHilary DuffRob SchneiderJesse McCartney
Tony Tang,Mychal Simka


Wings: Sky Force Heroes (2014) is a English movie. Tony Tang,Mychal Simka has directed this movie. Josh Duhamel,Hilary Duff,Rob Schneider,Jesse McCartney are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Wings: Sky Force Heroes (2014) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

When Ace (Josh Duhamel), a cocky young firefighter, defies his orders and recklessly attempts a solo mission, it results in the tragic death of Colonel (Tom Skerritt), who was forced to rescue Ace when the flames burst out of control. Crushed by guilt, Ace abandons his dream and quits the fire brigade along with Fred (Rob Schneider), his trusty co-pilot. Ace resigns himself to the dreary fate of hauling coal until one day...a fire breaks out at the mines and he is forced to overcome his fears of failure, and become the hero he was destined to be.


Wings: Sky Force Heroes (2014) Reviews

  • Very Bad Movie (Spoiler Alert)


    WOW!!!! absolutely WOW... this storyline was so lame and slow .. i'm not sure if this was made for a 4 year old or just bad writing. I don't know how they got some big names on this, possible they liked Planes and Cars but the jokes, story line and insignificant parts in the movie (dancing at that 'fair' for like 10mins and the $1,000,000 reward for that jet plan...) i understand the message they were trying to say in the movie but there was no variety, no suspense, no relief... characters you thought were dead suddenly appear, others you don't see die or any closure, they just disappear.... This could have been better if they got 'Ace' to chase the evil jet plan, get scared/damaged, overcome his fears/inabilities by trying to save a damsel/friend in distress. Then get the courage to join his old buddies. Instead he tries different jobs, fails and then gets stuck with the only job he can find?? which teaches our kids what... when you fail find any job you can, even if you hate it just so you can do something you weren't cut out to do? Honestly, epic failure, kids didn't even like it, they started fidgeting and left the room..

  • Sequel of a Sequel of a rip-off


    This film obviously plays off the film Planes. No doubt about it. The slightly anthropomorphized planes is the best example of this, but the plot I'd argue is slightly different. The only good thing here, is the soundtrack and casting choices. The latter with Hillary Duff and Rob Schneider. Some pretty big names. They got Drake Bell for the soundtrack as well (his two songs are great), though that's probably due to his connection with director Michael Symka. If Bell actually put out those songs, that'd be the only thing good to get out of this film. See, I liked A Mouse Tale, it's pretty clear Symka can direct good (in some way, more original) stories and shouldn't have to sellout to this garbage, along with everyone else involved in this project.

  • Fares even worse than the first Wings film


    As bad as the first Wings film was, being a lazy film that played things too safely and lacked overall quality, its sequel fares worse. It makes all the mistakes its predecessor did and makes more on the way, including being a blatant rip-off of the Planes sequel (the first Wings film contained very lazy confused storytelling, but wasn't anywhere near as blatant), which actually was an improvement on the first Planes film. The only halfway decent thing here about Wings: Sky Force Heroes is the soundtrack, it's pretty catchy and fits within the film far better than the one in the first Wings did, that film's soundtrack would be alright on its own but jarred and felt like a less-fitting alternate soundtrack. Nothing else here however works. The animation is even worse than the animation in the first Wings film, the first film did have some solid character designs but the sequel didn't even have that. The colours are flat, framing and movement is stiff, the backgrounds lack polish or detail and further ruined by choppy editing, synching is sloppy and the character designs are now creepy-looking (those eyes!) and robotic, for a rip-off it doesn't even try to stay consistent with or remotely resemble the Planes sequel's character designs. Wings: Sky Force Heroes contains a poor script too, with some embarrassingly juvenile jokes, dialogue that is even more shallow and flatter than its predecessor and like the first Wings film it plays things too safely to the extent that it's lazy and simplistic. The story lacks any kind of appeal for children and adults alike (which is an animated film or family film's biggest failure), children are likely to find it too jumpy and too muddled and adults are guaranteed to find it tedious and simplistically lazy from again playing things too safe. Because like the previous Wings film parts are very dull and go on for too long (like the scene at the fair) and then there are other parts that feel rushed and incomplete. If one is familiar with the plot of the Planes sequel, there won't be any surprises here, and it generates no tension or emotion other than boredom and frustrated anger at seeing such a lazily constructed film. The characters here are even blander and cookie-cutter than the first Wings film, with next to no engaging personalities or development, Fred is almost as obnoxious as Dodo and T-Bone is a lamer retread of Cyclone. The voice acting gets the job done, but again it's all very undistinguished and with not that much involvement. All in all, a very poorly done sequel to an already bad predecessor. 1/10 Bethany Cox


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