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Wrapped Up In Christmas (2017)

Wrapped Up In Christmas (2017)

Tatyana AliBrendan FehrKim FieldsCindy Pickett
Peter Sullivan


Wrapped Up In Christmas (2017) is a English movie. Peter Sullivan has directed this movie. Tatyana Ali,Brendan Fehr,Kim Fields,Cindy Pickett are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Wrapped Up In Christmas (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Heather is a hardworking General Manager at the local mall forced to make holiday budget cuts in order to move forward in her career. While focusing on her next promotion, she has given up on love, although her niece Molly refuses to accept this. Trying to help, Molly asks the mall Santa to give her beloved aunt a boyfriend for Christmas this year. After a few chance encounters with Ryan, another mall worker, it seems like Santa might have come through, but both have secrets to overcome before a holiday 'happily ever after' can be a reality.


Wrapped Up In Christmas (2017) Reviews

  • Very enjoyable. Not the same old story


    I enjoy most of the Christmas movies from Hallmark. They are bit like eating marshmallows. Lots of air, and some of them make you feel sick on sweetness, lack of chemistry and some bad acting. But they are still mostly fun and enjoyable each year. Recently I discovered Lifetime had been making some holiday movies as well. I enjoyed this one. It was fun to see different actors, and actors I have not seen for a long time in this movie. Also I liked that is was not a "single parent with a child". Hallmark needs to ditch that trope for a bit. Way too many with that story. Kudos for strong family and strong female leads who were into their careers and not suffering for it. Also I liked that the lead actress likes her job and is ambitious in a normal manner. There were also no "evil" characters. Thank goodness. I did not feel the acting was wooden at all. I was not familiar with the lead actress, Tatyana Ali, and I really liked her in this part. She was very believable.

  • Sweet Christmas Movie


    I am a fan of Tatiana Ali and I was happy to see her in this sweet little Christmas movie/love story. It is similar to Hallmarks Christmas movies but this is apart of the Lifetime movie collection. I adored it, and I've added this to my Christmas movie collection to watch once a year. I hope to see more movies like this.

  • Another pleasent Christmas romcom


    This movie has a slightly different premise than most, but still has at least two of the old standard plot devices - 1) we're going to lose our store and my girlfriend is responsible; 2) the protagonist's kid (or niece) asks Santa, who happens to be the other protagonist, for a boyfriend for Auntie and the guy uses that but hides it. The conflict is light. The characters are nice. Tatyana Ali and Brendan Fehr connect. Ali plays a reserved character so sometimes she doesn't seem to have any spark, but you can tell she's interested. Like so many Christmas romcoms, how much you enjoy this will depend a lot on how much you enjoy the genre. This one fits the mold pretty well. BTW, this is Lifetime, not Hallmark, but for this movie you can't really tell the difference.

  • Disappointing


    This was supposed to be a Hallmark Hall of fame movie. That used to be a sign of something exceptionally good not the same old schlock. This is just in the long list of Hallmark Christmas movies . If I had a young daughter, I would not allow her to watch these movies, because they give a false impression of what love and finding the right person is. I expected more out of the Hallmark Hall of fame trademark. I remember one exceptional actresses like Glenn Close appeared. ( This is nothing against Tatiana Ali.)

  • Charming Schlock


    If you're looking for a fun holiday movie that checks all the boxes and may even be part of a drinking game involving predicting plot twists look no further! You would however think that an aspiring artist would have more talent then the average 5 year old.

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