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Yin bao zhe (2017)

Yin bao zhe (2017)

Yihong DuanNan YuJingchun WangTaishen Cheng
Zheng Chang


Yin bao zhe (2017) is a Mandarin movie. Zheng Chang has directed this movie. Yihong Duan,Nan Yu,Jingchun Wang,Taishen Cheng are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Yin bao zhe (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Zhao Xudong is a blaster technician. When an explosion happens in the mine and kills four workers, Zhao survives. He suspects that the explosion is not an accident, and when he investigates further, two miners and the mine owner are murdered. As the body count increases, Zhao becomes the prime suspect, and he has to clear his own name.


Yin bao zhe (2017) Reviews

  • Sinister realism meets a balanced genre mixture


    Explosion is a sinister mixture of a desperate action film, an emotional drama and a conspiracy thriller. The movie tells the story of a blast technician who has once been to prison for having developed and sold explosives. As he now tries to live a normal life using his talents in mines and supporting his pregnant wife who owns a tiny restaurant, he gets involved in a conflict between two pitiless businessmen. He nearly gets killed in an explosion that brutally kills four coworkers and wants to find out how this disaster could happen. As he investigates, he becomes both the prime suspect of having caused the explosion on purpose and is seen as a menace by the two businessmen who want to hide what really happened in the mine. The blast technician soon has to clear his name, face powerful enemies and must protect his wife. Explosion convinces on many levels. First of all, the movie has a truly sinister atmosphere. This is especially due to the settings. It's often raining or snowing, many scenes take place at night, the viewers get to explore abandoned or destroyed factory halls and mines and several places show dirt and pollution. The movie shows the dark side of China's industrial boom which gives the film a realistic touch which is far away from many idealized films of that country with strong propaganda elements. The film recalls Black Coal, Thin Ice but the locations are less static and more diversified which makes Explosion easily the superior movie. The mixture of genres is another strength of this film. Observing the main character trying to clear his name, reorganizing his life with his pregnant wife and facing his childhood friend and police officer who is torn between helping and arresting him give the movie a humanistic touch despite all the grey settings. These dramatic sequences meet a conspiracy thriller involving two businessmen fighting each other by any means necessary. The film shows corruption, greed and vengeance as powerful motives leading to a few twists and turns. The film's solid atmosphere is often interrupted by realistic pursuits, gun battles and of course numerous explosions. The film also has an interesting plot. The movie has a very short exposition and literally starts with a bang. From then on, the main character's personal investigation is a tense rising action. This leads to a first climax where several character get assassinated and the main character has to go into hiding. The resolution shows how the blast technician tries to find a way to clear his name and start a new life which turns out to be impossible. This leads to a final showdown and resolution in an abandoned factory hall where all three genres meet in equally balanced and strong proportions. The finale is filled with action, emotion and tension. The characters are also quite convincing. The unpretentious main character is a desperate and quiet man who simply desires to live in peace and dreams of a better future. His desperate wife's struggles are authentic enough to make the audience really care for her. The police officer being torn between arresting and helping the accused might be the movie's most vivid character which gives the film a solid dose of energy. Even the clever villain has his very personal motives to go on a killing spree and one almost empathizes with him. Even the side characters including resilient contract killers, hectic chiefs of security and a brutal businessman are quite interesting. There aren't many negative aspects concerning this movie. Parts of the plot were somewhat predictable and reduced the tension at times. The unusual ending felt somewhat underdeveloped in my book but was at least somewhat original. In the end, if you like movies with a gripping, realistic and sinister atmosphere, you will most definitely enjoy this profound action, crime and drama movie. Explosion has intellectual depth without being static. This movie represents what the critically acclaimed Black Coal, Thin Ice should have been like if the director had been less pretentious. Explosion certainly deserves more attention and praise than it currently gets. Give this great film a chance at your local cinema or purchase it once it's going to be released on BluRay and DVD.

  • Finally, I mean, Finally,


    Finally we got a serious enough Chinese movie in 2017. A thriller well scripted and thoroughly developed, well directed with great casting job. This film shall be easily the best film out of China in 2017. It's quite serious, no clowns, no jerks but serious characters. If I have to be picky a little bit, those thugs hired by the villain in black were the weakest cast, most of them didn't look intimidated enough and just looked like cardboard figures. Other than these deadbeat gang-bangers, this film is as tight as a live clam's shells. The main characters, the explosive expert and his lover, both were extremely well casted and they both performed award winning acting jobs, looked like real and also very subtle at the same time. No wonder they both are the A-list movie stars in China. This a hypertension thriller with the least flaws to be picked about. Having such an opportunity to watch a film like this, I'd say there's still some hope in the Chinese movie industries.


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