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The Christmas Calendar (2017)

The Christmas Calendar (2017)

Laura Bell BundyBrendon ZubPaloma KwiatkowskiFrazey Ford
Allan Harmon


The Christmas Calendar (2017) is a English,French movie. Allan Harmon has directed this movie. Laura Bell Bundy,Brendon Zub,Paloma Kwiatkowski,Frazey Ford are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Christmas Calendar (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Emily, a lawyer, returned to her small hometown of Nelson Creek four months ago following the death of her Nonna to take over running Nonna's business which she named after her granddaughter: Emily's Bakery. Beyond not seeing Nonna before she passed, Emily is not sad about this new career path as baking has always been a passion ever since Nonna took her into the kitchen at age five, and discovered in making the move back to Nelson Creek that law never really was. This new life in Nelson Creek hits a snag when she learns that Nonna was deep in debt - the massive loan which Emily didn't know was for her law education - and may have to sell some of Nonna's assets, the house where Emily now lives and/or the bakery. The house may be the more prudent item to liquidate with Forge Mart, the chain supermarket located across the street from the bakery, having just opened its own in-house bakery, it the only other made-from-scratch bakery in town as competition to Emily which lessens the market...


The Christmas Calendar (2017) Reviews

  • Dodgy accent


    Like the other reviewer, I have the same opinion. It had the potential to be really good but I couldn't get over the fact the guy had a completely made up French accent. There really was no need for it. He actually seemed like a sinister character instead of the love interest because his accent was so obviously fake.

  • a struggling baker in a small town, receives a handmade Christmas Calendar from a secret admirer.


    This movie had the potential to be a 10. Good plot, great casting, and especially Laura Bell Bundy. The problem is someone gave our leading man a fake french accent which messes up everything! He could have been from Philly or Chicago and the story line would have worked better without the dreadful fake accent. I could not fully enjoy this movie because of it. The best part of the movie was Laura Bell Bundy. She brought charm, feeling, and humor and made a poor movie watchable. The male lead was really good until he started speaking. my score 4

  • Not the worst Christmas movie out there


    The owner and baker of a bakery but we never see her in the kitchen? The bakery opens sometime late in the morning? Treats and goodies just magically appear on all the shelves? I would also like to know why - in these Christmas movies, the female is always bratty and high strung; the male is calm and condescending. This movie exemplifies the millennials in our company, I guess. Elves will do the real work and it's okay to be bratty if you look precious.

  • Whole town poops pants over a calendar.


    Main character receives a Advent calendar from a mystery gift giver so the entire town goes insane over it. Mobs of people show up to the main character's bakery just to see if mystery can be solved. The NEWSPAPER makes this gift headline news. If your I.Q is low enough to not see this as weird go ahead and watch. You should be just dumb enough to fall for his accent at this point.


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