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Ajin (2017)

Ajin (2017)

Gô AyanoMamoru MiyanoTakeru SatohMinami Hamabe
Katsuyuki Motohiro


Ajin (2017) is a Japanese movie. Katsuyuki Motohiro has directed this movie. Gô Ayano,Mamoru Miyano,Takeru Satoh,Minami Hamabe are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Ajin (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Horror,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

War in Africa is suddenly sideswiped by the first known "Ajin" Demi-human who after death comes back to life and continues fighting! As more pop up around the globe Governments are capturing them to find out more about them. In Japan Nagai Kai a Highschool boy's world is turned upside down when he's hit by a truck killing him, but instantly he comes back to life! He just wants to be left alone but now he's the most wanted person in Japan being the third reported Ajin out of a worldwide population of 46 known, the government wants him. And he has to run!


Ajin (2017) Reviews

  • Couldn't Ask for More


    The live action nailed it! Sure there are some cut scenes from the anime but the important details were not left out. The whole movie can stand alone and even those who haven't seen the anime yet could surely understand the whole plot. The characters' acting are spot on. Takeru Satoh's (Nagai) portrayal is effortless. It is so natural and convincing. Sure, there are times when I wished he'd say "amakakeru ryu no hirameki" but that is only because I was so affected by Gou Ayano's (Sato) acting as a villain I wanted him to be dead for sure but this is Ajin; Die and be alive. Gou wcompleted the ambiance of the movie. To sum it up, everything, from characters to the plot were all stitched perfectly I could not ask for a better adaptation.

  • Ajin : Immortal Demi Human as Weapon, but Would You become one?


    What would you do if you become an immortal and can kill yourself to death only to be alive well again to kill yourself to be alive again? Ajin the live action tells the unusual story about half human half immortal beings or the demi-human called Ajin who seeks acceptance of their existence and rights from government through a series of terrorism after they are exposed to the world. It was based on a manga with the same name as the title. The story concern a nihilistic man named Nagai Kei (Takeru Satoh), who doesn't know that he is an ajin and later found out and get found out by people during an accident. Because they cannot die, people are treating them with fear and confusion, so he is being hunt and captive by the government for experiment purpose. During his confinement, he is tortured and then saved by a group of Ajin terrorist led by a charismatic ajin leader named Sato (Go Ayano). Nagai who only wants his peaceful life with his sister back and doesn't want to follow ajin revolution that sato proposed, and so they are now fighting against each other. It was human vs Ajin, with Nagai Kei the Ajin acts as the ace on the human side. As you know, that Ajin cannot die and will always be resurrected in their prime form after the death. So, the action promised on the film was top notch, you can see action that will not be possible on normal human action film. The interesting fact is that how creative they use their ability to not die to fight each other. And as Ajin they have a unique black particle Monster called BIM which they can control. It was pretty fun to watch how they use their limited power to control a fight and try to fight authorities. I personally watched it because I like takeru satoh since Kamen Rider Den-O and have always followed the manga since the beginning. And at first I think casting Go Ayano as Satoh seems like a mistake because he is a bit too young for playing satoh. But Hot Dang I was mistaken, he managed to bring unique charisma and charm to Satoh as a character. I really applaud for both of their acting in this film. For the moment the manga is still continuing, and if you want to know further about the difference between the live action and the manga you should read it. As for the live action itself, I really enjoyed it, the soundtrack used is pretty good ,the action is done pretty good, and most of all the action are so enjoyable because how creative they are. There are not many films that can adapt fantasy concept of a manga series, but I think that this live action for once managed to deliver it very very well. I really recommend it for those that like Japanese film or action film in general. It was an awesome ride even though the plot seems to be moving too fast.

  • Disappointing


    I didn't have high expectations going into this and this point is important for my review. I've seen both the first and second seasons of the anime. What the movie here does essentially is cram the entire first season into 5 minutes and then proceeds to mashing up season 2 in a spectacular mess indeed. Firstly, the changes that they brought were a combination of very poor decisions. There is no airplane crashing into a building instead it's a building collapsing into the other building <- This is much better in my opinion. Nagai's sister is NOT supposed to be out of the hospital for a very very long time. It takes almost the entirety of the second anime season for that to happen and it happens much better. Not a group of extras who can't act showing up at grandma's door but Nagai rescuing her from an angry mob at the hospital. Plus a dramatic entrance by Nagai's best friend who was completely omitted from the film. I also did not like the changes to Nagai's character. I thought he was just fine being a high school student, university freshman would have worked as well. He spends most of the anime deciding whether to help at all or not. But in the movie, he makes that decision pretty quickly therefore character development is lost. The acting as expected from a Japanese film was pretty weak, superficial and fake. Save from a few decent performances, Satou's and Tozaki's, the rest were close to abysmal. Overall, do not waste your 1h40 or whatever it ran for and watch the anime instead.

  • Ajin lives matter too


    The concept of Ajin is pretty much like Tokyo Ghoul but instead of Ghoul we get a new kind of supernatural being with healing factor and can summon their own personal bodyguar Ajin in form of a human shape shifting smoke.The movie is very hollow with not enough development for me to care about any of the characters so the only thing that keep me interested in the story is the action and most of the time it above average when it involving gun fight.They really hold back with the blood and gore in Ajin cause some of the scene clearly begging for a bloody mess

  • Poor Version, Waste all the resources of Manga.


    I am a big fan of the manga but has no expectation of this live action one. I also familiar with an overacting of Japanese manga base so I have no problem with that. It is the casts and how story process are disappointed me. the one portray Satou for example in Manga Satou is also blood thirsty psychopath you can't stand a chance against him when he target you because of his military background, reckless style of fighting and enjoyment of kill yet the most frighten part of him is not when he killed but It is when he not. the guy didn't get the name POKER FACE for no reason. we rarely know and predict what he is going to do or what is the guy thinking behind the non-human emotionless expression. the actor is just make Satou an ordinary maniac model- like by sacrifice those SAT minions. the last commander unit point the gun to an enemy by stay in no cover?? seriously the real SAT can do better !!!! beside the make up is unbelievable bad he still look no more late 20s even with white hair, Nagai is no better with absences of his best friend/ other rebellion Ajin left him in bad developing character. so I think he can't do any better.


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