Alien Surveillance (2018)

Alien Surveillance (2018)

Bob DennisNatalie HimmelbergerJeff KirkendallTitus Himmelberger
Mark Polonia


Alien Surveillance (2018) is a English movie. Mark Polonia has directed this movie. Bob Dennis,Natalie Himmelberger,Jeff Kirkendall,Titus Himmelberger are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Alien Surveillance (2018) is considered one of the best Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

An alien invasion is caught in the surveillance cameras of an office building during a weekend work party.

Alien Surveillance (2018) Reviews

  • Hard to Believe That This Exists


    This short movie, if you can call it a movie, consists of a four-way split screen at about the video quality of an ordinary security system. To say that this movie is bad does nothing to describe just how pointless and awful it truly is. Nothing happens, nothing is of interest, and the end is not even an end. I realize that we live in a time when nothing means anything, but this is worse than the worst home movie. How is this thing even a thing?

  • Wasted Potential


    Telling a story of an Alien encounter through a 4 way split screen mimicking the security cameras - a clever take on found footage. It would work well for a short but this is just way too long - over an hour of crackling screens and overlapped mundane conversations with nothing really happening with the aliens and everything so drawn out and slow, it just doesn't work and it's way too long. Maybe if there was a complex plot or fleshed out characters but there's nothing. There's no plot beyond alien encounter on cctv told on 4 split screens. Some people walk around and some aliens lurk in the corner of one screen but it's mostly people having a very scripted boring party and you feel like you're watching someone else's home videos. That is when the camera is working and not crackling and distorting which is about 1/3 of the whole thing. It's a good idea but it needs to be about half the length and have a better story.

  • Wow....just wow!


    Totally not in a good way either. Im probably among the biggest "found footage" horror fans around. I usually enjoy them all at least the 1st tine watching them. In fact i have over 100 FF horror movies in my collection. This, this movie (if were even calling it one) was a travesty. The description for it on the INDb page was the best part. I read it amd instantly dropped what i was doing to watch it. So much promise for a FF movie and a fan of them. Then i watched it. 53 minutes of nothing. Then something minor finally happened and the rest of the movie was back to being nothing but boring banter. Ugh! I beg of you not to watch this movie. It has no good qualities. Use the hour (if you could even make it that long) to soend with your kids instead. Go fly a kite or take a nap. It will be more usefull amd entertaining than this pile of poo. I nvr leave reviews for movies. Im not a movie expert or critic. Nor do i claim to be. That said anyone who watches this after reading my review only deserves the torture they recieve. Blah.

  • Who?


    ...would possibly have enough time on their hands to sit through this whole movie? I skipped through and still felt like I completely wasted my time. With so much content competing for attention, I just, I dunno. The idea is not totally bad, but man there is just not enough going on. One charity star.

  • Who put up the money for this


    I never given any movies a 1 but this deserves. I turned the sound off and did some work thinking it had to get better but it did not!

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