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Creep 2 (2017)

Creep 2 (2017)

Karan SoniMark DuplassDesiree AkhavanKyle Field
Patrick Brice


Creep 2 (2017) is a English movie. Patrick Brice has directed this movie. Karan Soni,Mark Duplass,Desiree Akhavan,Kyle Field are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Creep 2 (2017) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Sara's a video artist whose work primarily explores the intimacy of lonely men. One online advert intrigues her so much, she replies, thinking she may have found the subject for her next project. She drives to a secluded house in the forest, where a man claiming be the advert's poster greets her; and as he said in the posting, he claims to be a serial killer (Mark Duplass). Unable to resist the chance to create a truly shocking piece of art, she agrees to spend the day with him. But, as the day progresses, she realises she might've put herself into a position from which she can't escape.


Creep 2 (2017) Reviews

  • Duplass returns as the charming sociopath! [+63%]


    'Creep' was one of those movies that reinstated our faith in the found-footage genre, which still had a ton of great stories to be told, in a minimalist setup. The sheep (prey) and wolf (hunter) analogy was explored comprehensively in the 2014 film, substantiated with a number of neat jumpscares and a partially well-executed climax. Creep 2 arrives to slightly expand the universe of the name-changing serial killer played by Mark Duplass (who has once again, co-written the film with director Patrick Brice). Desiree Akhavan plays Sara, a videographer/YouTuber who specializes in meeting loners through Craigslist ads as part of creating a web-series titled 'Encounters'. Her show has never had many takers, which she attributes to the lack of exciting personas and her own set of unrealistic aspirations. We take a liking to Sara for her honesty - when she exclaims that she's 'incredibly talent-less' in telling a good story and almost weeps on camera, we feel like giving her a comforting pat. Josef, the serial killer from 'Creep' is now Aaron (the name of the victim from the first film). Sara responds to his advertisement of requiring a videographer (one that doesn't spook easy) for a day. Sara considers this to be her 'big-break' and takes up the task despite getting to know very little about her client. This time around, Aaron (or whatever his real name) is vocal about his serial-killer life and wants to lend a definitive twist to his 40th (and seemingly final) kill. Sara takes to Aaron's case lightly, and thinks that she finally has hit upon a character that's truly worth the exploration. Having watched 'Creep', we know things aren't going to end well for either of them. The opening scene sets the tone in motion for those who haven't seen the original. After murdering "Dopinder from Deadpool" by slashing his throat and creating a bloody mess, Aaron takes a gulp of beer and asks himself "What's happening to me?". It is quite clear why Jason Blum was interested in producing a sequel - the budget would remain shoestring while the cinematic (and financial) pay-off would be massive. Duplass is cent percent believable as a serial-killer (this character could well be on its way to becoming a cult-favorite in future) - the smiles, the sudden outbursts of emotion, the deadpan episodes, the honesty - much of it comes across as simple but highly effective. Thanks to his incredible stalking skills, he can see through his victims quite well too: he knows what can cause surprise, scare or intimidate. Sara however, isn't scared by Aaron's eccentric antics. As Aaron puts it across, she's quite the 'tough nut to crack'. In fact, Sara successfully startles Aaron on more than one occasion - leading way for Aaron to come to the conclusion that she could 'really be that one compadre' he had desperately been seeking. Akahavan, as Sara, lends life to a character who craves professional success while standing up to Aaron with an attitude that even puts the 'creep' to test. As the film draws to its finale, the viewer isn't exactly sure if Sara has willingly succumbed herself to becoming Aaron's accomplice in his 40th murder. It is this interesting dynamic between the duo that keeps the film an engaging 80 minute affair. Guess even serial-killers can feel 'meh' about the kind of 'work' they've been doing. Brice often teases his viewers - he never tries to settle for a single morbid emotion - he wants the audience to laugh, empathize and feel threatened at the same time - a feat he pulls off with enough elan (half the credit should go to Duplass). This isn't your typical serial killer film - the traditional scares are kept minimal and the atmosphere isn't exactly the spookiest, but what it does have, is a lot of HEART. Verdict: You'll enjoy it if you appreciated part one!

  • Deeper if not Creepier


    This sequel was always going to struggle after the first film came out of nowhere and blew people away with how unique it felt. Most of the original Creep generated its atmosphere from the audience's lack of knowledge about the main character and what his actual motivations were. This time we are aware of who he is and what he is about, so while eager to see what happens this time it would be hard to pull off the same magic with a completely similar plot. Luckily the creators knew this and made enough changes to the dynamic, while still basically keeping it in line with the expectations set by the first, to give a fresh feel to the set up. While they kept in most of the unease that made the first Creep great, they also actually delved more into the main character and his backstory, if he is ever to be believed. This possibly more intimate view of the main takes away a small amount of the tension since he has to become more vulnerable and likable, but it is done in such a way where it is still enjoyable and gripping, and events unfold without too much of an obvious conclusion. Overall it is a worthy sequel, if in my opinion not as good as the original, and is well worth a watch.

  • Different than expected


    The original Creep was one of the biggest, most pleasant surprises of 2015. It managed to feel minimal in its storytelling while being completely terrifying and intriguing. This sequel works as a film. It's definitely less terrifying, but it seems like the writers/director knew that and decided to take a different approach. This feels more of a character study of our main antagonist. Because we know much more about him now, the dread and atmosphere of the first is no longer there and instead we drive further into his psyche. It works in different ways, even if the film isn't as consistent as the first.

  • Perfect follow up


    I can't praise this film enough. Being a huge fan of the first film, I never imagined a sequel being an option. The original seemed to close the arc well enough for me to be satisfied. Despite the fact that a sequel was perhaps not warranted or even necessary, this was an absolute joy to watch. Mark Duplass is in top form as he revisits his "Aaron" character, and with more depth and absurdity than his previous outing. I found this film to be just as strong as the first because we now know some of the intricacies of Aaron, and these are further fleshed out here. Sure, the intensity may be slightly weakened due to our expectations, and yes, there is much more humor this time than last, but the unsettled atmosphere works just as well here, if not better since the viewer is ever more watchful knowing what we know. Further, we now have another character that we are instantly pulling for. Desiree is infinitely watchable and truly convincing as Sara, and as the plot unfolds, we can't help but grow attached. I will not spoil any part of this film, since it truly needs to be experienced. I will, however, guarantee that this one will leave you wanting more, which also speaks highly of this film. I spent most of my viewing time with a smile on my face as these characters interacted with each other. When the suspense and tension hit, it was quick and effective. The tonal shifts work so well that they nearly blindside the viewer within moments. Do yourself a favor and watch this one. If you even remotely appreciated the first film, you will find much to enjoy here.

  • Better than the first


    Even though I enjoyed this more than the first film, both have to be seen in order to fully appreciate the dark humour and sheer lunacy of this series. I have no idea where the final film in the trilogy is going to go, which is the entire reason for wanting to see more, as even if you guess what is coming next, you are still surprised at the outcome. Events move along very quickly, with some laugh out loud moments and some moments of terror, and it all works so well, but nearly everything Duplass does works well. If you enjoy horror but are not really into the typical crazy-stalker-slasher junk, this series is well worth watching.


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