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Down Under (2016)

Down Under (2016)

Fayssal BazziChris BuntonMichael DenkhaHarriet Dyer
Abe Forsythe


Down Under (2016) is a Arabic,Thai,English movie. Abe Forsythe has directed this movie. Fayssal Bazzi,Chris Bunton,Michael Denkha,Harriet Dyer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Down Under (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A black comedy set during the aftermath of the Cronulla riots, it is the story of two carloads of hotheads from both sides of the fight destined to collide.

Down Under (2016) Reviews

  • Swing and a miss


    This movie had lots of raving reviews from critics but I can't add to that list I'm afraid. I love independent Aussie films but this one won't be in the "must see Australian films" lists of most people although it's documenting an important event, the Cronulla riots of 2005. The comedy here is just too stupid, purposefully or not, the characters are nearly all unlikeable and the story too farfetched to bring a smile to this face. It reminded me of "Housos" which was turned into a movie: fun for 5 minutes then it got old real quickly. The acting is ok I suppose.

  • Black comedy, all is not what it seems..


    Black comedy (in my mind) is an art form where you know you shouldn't laugh because the subject is taboo but you can't help yourself . And so is "Down Under". Taken in a literal sense this movie doesn't work; but let's face it, if you want to watch a doco on the Cronulla riots go watch a doco. No, this is far deeper than that and frankly I thought it one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. The two main groups in the movie are such exaggerated clichés they are a parody of themselves, the stoners are too stoned to do anything; the "Lebs" are too busy arguing with each other to get anything done. They are all so hopeless its funny. None of them could organize a beer in a brewery. None. I felt sympathy for Evan the downs syndrome lad; but he delivers some of the best comedic moments of the movie. In fact Evan was about the only likable person in the movie; he deserved to be looked after better than he was. One of the highlights was David Field playing full-on rice queen Vic; selling a gun to one of the "Leb" gang.. with x-rated gay porn on the tele while discussed the deal with the gang members... champagne comedy and a role I'd never picture David in.. If you are part of the PC fun police, or are really immature or have a low IQ please don't bother with Down Under; you won't get it (or worse still, you will take it seriously... believe me it is not serious; it is a massive p*ss-take on the parties to the Cronulla riots.. in case you haven't figured that out by now..). If you enjoy a good black comedy/satire; you'll struggle to do better in the genre. This is no mainstream film, but its a 10/10 for me.

  • best black comedy I've seen in a while!


    To see this film rated at 6.1 is complete crap, it definitely does not deserve anything less than an 8. After reading a couple bad reviews, it looks like some of you idiots went expecting something closer to real events, but if you just look at it just as what it is, a hilarious black comedy, its amazing! I laughed my ass off the entire film, the acting was perfect, the story really was interesting for a comedy, and every second of the film was incredibly entertaining! I really thought it was damn near perfect for a black comedy, some of you people need to realize that this is not documentation, nor a true story, its a comedy, a really funny one!

  • Just not good


    When I heard that Abe had made a comedy about the Cronulla riots I was already laughing just from the concept, I was ready to tell all my mates to check it out before ever pressing play.... Sadly when I did press play that is when the laughing ended. At first I was expecting a slapstick/goofball comedy like Ned which was hilarious, that wasn't happening so I thought "Ok I guess it is a dark comedy, no problem". By 15 minutes in I was thinking "is this actually suppose to be funny at all?". This film was terrible and boring as hell, story was sloppy and it came to a pretty stupid ending. I really don't get my hopes up for too many films these days but when you know a writer/director has talent you kind of do get your hopes up and to see the serve you dog feces is pretty disappointing. My honest advice with this film is just don't bother, it is a waste of an hour. If you want a laugh just watch his first film "Ned".

  • A comically lame quagmire of vilification and gratuitous violence.


    To call Down Under (2016) a black comedy signals an intention to make light of something serious or controversial. But movie labels are all too often disguised marketing spin rather than accurate genre descriptions. Far from comedy, this film is a dystopian parody of an episode of Australian history that needs balanced understanding and nuance rather than exaggerated ridicule. It could have applied humour to lighten the portraits of racial bigotry but instead it creates a quagmire of gratuitous violence and comically lame racial, sexual and impairment vilification. The opening scenes is the only time Down Under speaks with honesty and authenticity. Using archival footage of the 2005 Cronulla race riots overlaid with Christmas jingles, the stage is set for a clash of cultures that was seen around the world. The riots resulted from years of escalating tension between white locals who claimed 'ownership' of beautiful Cronulla beach and Lebanese groups from neighbouring suburbs wanting to share beach access. From this factual base, the film weaves a fictionalised account of two gangs of young men on opposing sides of the racial divide. With testosterone-fuelled honour at stake, the gangs escalate their violent rantings towards each other and cruise the streets hunting for supremacy. Along the way, they vilify everything and everyone so indiscriminately that are caricatures of aimless anger that bear no resemblance to real people. They are portrayed mostly as working class morons and hotheads whose constant screaming, swearing and physical abuse forms an endless spray of vitriol that makes this film an overcooked mess. Down Under is a film that appears to have lost sight of its own purpose. If it was made to create humour out of violence then one-line clichés do little more than demonise stereotypes. If it was to offer insight into the cause of the riots then its fictional exaggerations undermine its credibility. If it was to portray the racist undercurrent of Australian culture then the absence of Indigenous people leaves it staring only at its own stereotypes. A wide chasm exists between the film's inspiration and execution, and whatever messages were intended are obscured by pushing creative limits into the realm of the absurd. The film leads towards an incoherent and implausible finale that fuses slapstick and violence without redemptive merit. It is disappointing to see such a lost opportunity to inform or entertain. The film's closing credits were a welcome sight.


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