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Frisky (2015)

Frisky (2015)

Claudia PickeringMonica AmmermanBrandon WardleCameron Hunt
Claudia Pickering


Frisky (2015) is a English movie. Claudia Pickering has directed this movie. Claudia Pickering,Monica Ammerman,Brandon Wardle,Cameron Hunt are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Frisky (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

When two twenty-something women move back to San Francisco, where they had met on exchange years earlier, their high career aspirations quickly become sidelined by their sexual interests. While wildly crass and charismatic in their public personas, they are in fact fundamentally at odds on many levels. Their opposing beliefs surrounding responsibility and romance, combined with their close quarters while crashing in an acquaintance's living room, find them thrust onto a fast track to discovering what their friendship is really made of. Based on true events, Frisky is an honest, tongue-in-cheek look at what it is to be a woman in the limbo years between college and "the real world".


Frisky (2015) Reviews

  • Hedonism Flourishes in San Francisco


    This film has to include two of the most obnoxious characters on the silver screen in recent memory. The two actresses appear to be in their thirties, their two characters are described as being in their twenties, but they act like they are in their teens! Chloe and Alice arrive in San Francisco with their sights set on succeeding in the marketing/advertising. But it is never clear if they have the experience, skills, or desire to succeed. Most of the film is the mindless conversation and antics of two women as they interact with men in the Bay Area. While there is good location footage of San Francisco, it would appear that the filmmakers want to recreate the hedonism of the city in the 1960s and '70s, not the twenty-first-century San Francisco that is never depicted in the film. The relationships that were depicted in the film were truly bizarre with casual sex and locker room talk pervading the experience. The pressures of building a career or surviving financially in San Francisco were never apparent. When the women need transportation, Chloe purchases a used Honda Civic with no explanation where she has money to pay for the vehicle. The long sequence with the beautiful dog who first is poisoned, then mauled to death was extremely distasteful, culminating with jokes made at a funeral. The jokes were not funny, and neither was this film.

  • Incredible Small Budget Film - VERY Talented Cast


    With smaller budget films you are never sure quite what to expect but Frisky really knocked it out of the park. The cast is incredibly talented and all put on some really amazing performances. Also, it is a very worthwhile and meaningful storyline which speaks to everyone, in all walks of life! I very HIGHLY recommend this film!

  • Date Night Movie and A Hearty Laugh!


    There are rarely movies I'm so excited to cook homemade popcorn for, grab the cozy blanket, and laugh for a bit with my wife. She hasn't seen it yet, but I was lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of Frisky and can't wait to show her this film. She'll love how naturally the cast depicts the unmoored life post-college. The clear direction that gets misplaced and all the common merit badges 20-somethings earn as they struggle to create meaning amidst relationship ups and downs, failed business/start-up ventures (something San Franciscans know all too well), and the good old-fashioned night of raging to rid the blues. Frisky ends on a high note, with consistent humor and many memorable scenes. Get some funny people together and watch Frisky, y'all will love it.

  • Heart warming, fearless and a barrel of laughs


    The tone was set right from the beginning, with funny and fearless characters you easily found yourself connecting with. Incredible acting from all involved and witty writing from the quadruple threat, Claudia Pickering. Congratulations on a beautiful, hilarious and heart warming film Claudia.

  • Go see it!


    My top piece of advice for you is to see this movie right now. Seriously, stop reading and go. But if you want more information ... Frisky manages to accomplish the difficult task of being highly entertaining and yet dealing with some very real issues of moving to San Francisco as a young professional. Writer, director, and lead actor Claudia Pickering has crafted a story that is quite believable, choosing details that paint a very accurate (and hilarious) picture of life at edge of economic and sexual survival, often casting herself into situations so bizarre that they could have only been born from seeds of real life experience. The cast includes some breakout roles for a talented crew, including Monica Ammerman, whose genuine chemistry with Claudia can be clearly seen through natural idiosyncrasies and quirky interactions which normally take years of collaboration to develop. Another actor with huge potential here is Brandon Wardle, whose whimsical and highly improvisational acting can take you by surprise in some truly unexpected moments. I'd love to see more roles with these guys in the future. It really says a lot about the ability of this team that they were able to put together such a witty and insightful film with the limited time and resources available. I'd definitely keep an eye on these guys :)


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