Face to Face (2011)

Face to Face (2011)

Vince ColosimoLuke FordMatthew NewtonSigrid Thornton
Michael Rymer


Face to Face (2011) is a English movie. Michael Rymer has directed this movie. Vince Colosimo,Luke Ford,Matthew Newton,Sigrid Thornton are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Face to Face (2011) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Face to Face is adapted from David Williamson's play of the same name which is in turn based on the transcripts from real conflict resolution sessions. The story is about a young scaffold construction worker who is charged with assaulting his boss. By the end of the film, all our assumptions about guilt and blame are turned on their heads. As 10 people sit in a room discussing the turn of events that brought our protagonist to breaking point, twists and surprises reveal that all is not quite as simple as it seems. Michael Rymer directs his screen adaptation of 'Face to Face' (written by Australian playwright David Williamson), as an ensemble piece about 10 very dissimilar Australians bound together by a complex pattern of relationships and shared histories. Hysterically funny and deeply moving, each character's role in the drama peels back another layer as the story digs down to the roots of who these people really are.


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  • As the plot thickened my interest peaked.


    I was a little apprehensive at the beginning, as the setting for the film had a lot of potential to be excruciatingly boring if anything was slightly off. I have to say though, they did a great job. There are flashbacks regarding certain incidents that are important to the plot but for the most part they are in a room reluctantly discussing there involvement in or around a violent work incident. Sounds boring right? Well in this case not necessarily (depending on your disposition). The thing that works best here is the steady pace of the plot. We are treated to lots of little twists and bits of information that add a new dimension to the incident in question or open up a new can of worms. It really draws you in. Its very well done and relevant to many a today's workplace.

  • Face To Face is a winner


    The story follows the confrontation between a young man, his boss and co-workers as they attempt to come to an agreement to settle the issue at hand. Face To Face is really grounded in reality. I am not easily engaged in Australian films but this was terrific. Despite my opinion on two of the actors in this film I must say that they all did a fantastic job. This story was beautifully written. Some of the issues raised in this film such as work place bullying and racism makes this film a true reflection of what its like to be in the Australian workforce. If you are looking for a good Australian Drama you should look no further.

  • It is the unveiling of a domino effect or pebble ripple effect in modern Australian workplace discrimination environment


    What initially caught my attention at the video store was the lineup of respected Australian actors, specifically Sigrid Thornton and Vince Colosomo. Both are internationally respected and although sometimes they may appear in small, left of centre productions, their performances are always strong. A well written script, strong characters and twists and turns made this a mesmerising movie. The support cast was strong and Robert Rabiah's character Hakim and his 'journey' was very convincing. What a realistic insight into going through face to face mediation. I can genuinely say I enjoyed this film and was impressed by Luke Ford's portrayal of Wayne, up there with Darren Cody (Animal Kingdom). Another little known but good Aussie movie!

  • Surprisingly good, really good.


    This may not translate well on the international screen, but to Australian people, who have worked on anything even close to an industrial work site, it hits the nail on the head. It does get a bit sentimental towards the end, but it really captures the reality of aussie blue collar workplace culture, in all its glory and shame.


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