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In-Lawfully Yours (2016)

In-Lawfully Yours (2016)

Chelsey CrispLisa RenzLeticia RiveraPhilip Boyd
Robert Kirbyson


In-Lawfully Yours (2016) is a English movie. Robert Kirbyson has directed this movie. Chelsey Crisp,Lisa Renz,Leticia Rivera,Philip Boyd are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. In-Lawfully Yours (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Following both the death of her father-in-law and a divorce, Jesse, a New Yorker, returns to a small town to live with her now widowed mother-in-law. Jesse struggles to fit in with the local townsfolk who don't welcome her with open arms to say the least. Jesse becomes acquainted with the local pastor, her widowed brother-in-law, falling in love with him, much to the dismay of the community. Things get even more complicated when her ex-husband comes calling, suspiciously trying to win her back. Between her love life and entangled in-laws, Jesse is tested as she seeks the answer to where she truly belongs.


In-Lawfully Yours (2016) Reviews

  • Nice story, kept me interested.


    I didn't know, when I started watching on Netflix, that this show was considered part of the 'faith & spirituality' category. I was pleasantly surprised. It's a great story about a relationship between a mismatched couple. I was pleased by how the movie portrayed Jessie's growing faith without being preachy. She started out being humorously ignorant of anything in the Bible, or church. But there was a nice growth arc for her in that. And it was great to watch a show that could portray conflict without swearing, shooting, or nudity. Yeah for a good family film!

  • Explores interesting themes of Christianity


    Despite a narrative with occasional weaknesses, In-Lawfully Yours explores interesting themes of Christianity left untouched by both secular and religious filmmakers. Where some might see a hackneyed approach to the relationship of questions and faith, a theme that features prominently in the film, it struck me as more authentic because the questions were human questions instead of artistic questions. In other words, the film accurately reflected that most people's questions are not original. So while the dialogue had moments of brilliance, it also had moments that were authentically routine without devolving into cliché. In all, the acting and writing were capable. The characters were good but not great, deserving more development and depth. Where others see a lack of chemistry I see an intentional exploration of the routine aspect of relationships. Where the film shines is in its willingness to explore things as they are, not as art wishes them to be. The pastor's strange refusal to ask God for personal things, for example, is appropriately un-profound, just as Naomi's grief is muted and opaque. This is not to say that the film abandons artistic considerations, but it also refuses to abandon certain aspects of the narrative just because they are mundane.

  • Perfect Romantic Comedy


    This movie will definitely not disappoint you. Its a perfect romantic comedy to watch. Jesse catches her husband cheating on her but despite that moves to his home town to help her mum in law during a difficult time. Here she meets the local pastor and sparks fly. Its witty and fun to watch. Not a single boring moment. You will laugh throughout the movie. All the characters play their parts to perfection, including the evil husband and the annoying nosy do gooder. Just grab some popcorn and a blanket to snuggle in. Its time well spent. Go for it and enjoy. Can definitely watch it over and over again

  • This movie was so great. I laughed and cried. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did.


    I'm so tired of Hallmark movies where I can guess the story plot within 15 minutes of the movie. There are folks like me who are also tired of trashy and perverted movie material who just want to enjoy a good movie without nudity. This movie fits the bill. It's a well written romantic movie without the boring Hallmark acting or cliche's; with good acting; with a good script. I've already purchased it and I seldom do that. I was not familiar with Chelsea Crisp with the lead role as Jesse but, she is a great actress. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

  • In-Lawfully Yours Fresh, Fun, Engaging


    In-Lawfully Yours is a fresh, fun and engaging film. As romantic-comedies go, it sparkles. Mainly due to the palpable chemistry between Chelsey Crisp and Joe Williamson in the lead roles. Crisp plays the part of a New Yorker who is jilted by her husband and winds up going back to her former husband's home town to help her ex mother-in-law (played to perfection by Marilu Henner). Williamson, meanwhile is a pastor in the small town where Crisp's former mother-in-law lives. I've seen a lot of romantic comedies, but seldom with the energy that Crisp and Williamson generate together. They are warm and real, and genuinely funny together. That's why I've given In-Lawfully Yours ten stars.


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