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Irrefutable Proof (2015)

Irrefutable Proof (2015)

ShePatrick KleinTheodore BouloukosEmilie Paap
Ziad H. Hamzeh


Irrefutable Proof (2015) is a English movie. Ziad H. Hamzeh has directed this movie. She,Patrick Klein,Theodore Bouloukos,Emilie Paap are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Irrefutable Proof (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A car crash prevents Jeanine Markham, a world-renowned astrophysicist, from delivering her controversial lecture about her findings. The accident puts Jeanine at the cross roads of conscious and subconscious, between Comatose and awake as she struggles to live. But even in her vegetative unresponsive state, her mind, slipping between the two realities, continues her quest to deliver the truth. For Jeanine's husband and others, accepting the irrefutable proof that she presents is unthinkable - that we're alone in the universe, that no deity hears or answers our prayers nor punishes our sins, that humanity is entirely the product of random events, and that our sufferings, indeed our lives and loves are ultimately pointless. Her journey, stuck between the two worlds, becomes shrouded by dark and mysterious events that create a whirlwind of tumultuous emotions and terrifying realizations.


Irrefutable Proof (2015) Reviews

  • Mephistopheles


    It is a modern Mephistopheles story- every time, the scientist made a decision for her tough and cold research and with that against compassion and the needs of her loved ones, she lost one of them. And each of those decisions was goaded on by the ever present Mephistopheles, played by THE PERFECT actor for the role, impersonating several people along the way.  As soon as I saw him in the initial lecture she gave- and he sat there, smooth, smug, perfectly fitting in, the intelligent student, bit baby faced but still with calculating, bemused condescension watching her, diabolical quality in his perfect smile, ready to pounce- and then provoked her first open challenge of the church by filming her, involving the Monseigneur, getting her pride hooked - I knew, this will be a story about Mephisto's temptation and her ultimately"selling her soul" because he just looked, exuded that role, had "Mephistopheles" written all across him. He is a fantastic choice!  And sure enough, every time she decided against her doubts and compassion and for being tough, her research, results and with that, for her vanity, one of her loved ones got taken - by the hatchet, that showed up briefly somewhere, when they died. I never thought that old story could still be integrated into modern life in such a meaningful and fantastically crafted way. Awesome movie, I am so impressed, and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I loved the story.

  • 7.5?


    Garbage. Worst movie ever? Yes, worst movie ever. Horrible. The idea behind the story line was interesting, but the execution was terrible. Poor acting and cinematography combined with a complete lack of subtlety.

  • 7.5...REALLY?!?


    IMBD reviewers, go home. You're drunk. Do not stop. Do not collect $200.

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