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My Days of Mercy (2017)

My Days of Mercy (2017)

Elliot PageKate MaraAmy SeimetzCharlie Shotwell
Tali Shalom-Ezer


My Days of Mercy (2017) is a English movie. Tali Shalom-Ezer has directed this movie. Elliot Page,Kate Mara,Amy Seimetz,Charlie Shotwell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. My Days of Mercy (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The daughter of a man on death row falls in love with a woman on the opposing side of her family's political cause.

My Days of Mercy (2017) Reviews

  • Really enjoyed


    I thought this was a very well done movie. This is what an indie movie should be( see prior reviews) I think I've only seen Ellen Page in a few things. Realized she was the girl from Super ( really liked her in that) She is a really good diverse actor. I think the acting was good by all, only not excellent one was the attorney. And he was still decent. Spoiler; When Lizzy tells Mercy about what happened really felt it was real. very good acting. The story is a depressing one but I thought it was a good film.

  • Worth watching.


    No this wasn't a perfect movie. The screenplay was a bit cheesy and sometimes the words seemed crammed in to make a point or more plainly to force an emotional moment, however,that does not take away the fact that it's a good story,and the acting. while not perfect, is damn good. Ellen page is a tour de force and Kate Mara plays a difficult role with ease and charm. Even without the whole lesbian element this is a good film just on the merits of the acting and story. Yes I would define this as an "indie" film, but don't let that keep you from watching, it's a damn good indie film.

  • perfect little indie movie


    This movie fits the "indie movie" mold. Short, sweet, leaves you wanting more of these characters. Amy Seimetz is excellent, and a very believable older sister to Ellen Page. This movie had me crushing on Kate Mara to the point that I immediately followed her on Instagram.

  • A sweet, sad but original idea


    Anything with Ellen Page in it is worth a watch, this movie included. She absolutely nails it. I like that this movie is not a remake of anything or based on any books.. It's an original idea and an interesting one too and not one you'd have seen before. The 2 main characters have a good chemistry and are generally sweet together, even though a maybe slightly funny match. I guess some people might find this film boring but I think it's definitely worth a watch.

  • I really liked it


    Two young girls who despite their moral differences, feel an obvious connection to one another. A film about political opinions with a really cute girl-and-girl love twist.

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