The Brooklyn Banker (2016)

The Brooklyn Banker (2016)

Troy GarityPaul SorvinoDavid ProvalElizabeth Masucci
Federico Castelluccio


The Brooklyn Banker (2016) is a English movie. Federico Castelluccio has directed this movie. Troy Garity,Paul Sorvino,David Proval,Elizabeth Masucci are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Brooklyn Banker (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The story of Santo Bastucci, a local banker with a rare gift for memorizing numbers; he is unwittingly cast into the forefront of an aging wiseguy's bid for power, Manny "The Hand" Mistera. Santo is caught between the loyalty he has for his cagey father-in-law, Benny, his childhood friend, Basta, and his streetwise uncle, Matteo, the pastor of their Brooklyn church.


The Brooklyn Banker (2016) Reviews

  • Excellent Movie


    This was a well written mob story that was period correct. I embraced all of the characters and casting was dead on. As a Italian American I loved all the old school references to our culture. The feast scenes were a throw back to my youth, the sights and sounds were beautiful. I could almost taste the sausage and peppers. Federico Castelluccio proved himself as a feature film director with Brooklyn Banker. He captured the essence of this period in time. I have to also recognize the writing of Michael Ricigliano his interesting twist on this mob flick kept me interested and rooting for certain characters. He really captured the old school mob movies and this will be destined to be a cult classic. I really enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.

  • Are the positive reviews of this well below average film people involved in the production?


    Very disappointed in this film. Some great actors from the gangster genre such as David Proval mixed in with complete amateurs who must've bought their way on the film as a crowd sourcing reward, I can think of no other way you would have cast actors not fit to be extras as their principal and supporting cast. The screen play is not clever at all and appears to be amateurish. YET the trailer for the film was pretty good, that's what brought me to the theater. I regret that decision, I would have just assumed stay home and watch a real film such as mean streets. The director did an awful job, nothing was tied in together. There was a scene with a very old man and it made absolutely no sense. Paul Sorvino looks like he ready for assisted living and not playing a wise guy.

  • Authentic film . Great cast, great story! Cerebral film.


    From someone who grew up in the Bronx and Brooklyn, this film captures what it was like to live during that time. The Mob was not revered like some of the Mob Genre films I have seen in the past. They were avoided and the story of a legitimate guy who unintentionally gets involved seems very real. I enjoyed the cinematography that captured a gritty but beautiful view of the area as it was starting to change. Troy Garity, who I understand grew up in California, captured the nuances and cadence of the residents of Brooklyn who spoke was was on their mind, were loyal to a fault and protected their friends and family. David Proval played a simmering psychopath who was ready to blow at any moment. Paul Sorvino was great as the goofy father in law who is smarter than he lets on. All in all, I think this film will stand the test of time.

  • Good Mob Drama


    Cauth this film at its'New York City premier, and I congratulate the production team for a job well done. I've been following the progress of this indie film for close to a year. It began as a short titled "Lilies of the Feast,"which was the original title of the feature version. The story works, you just got go with it and then - boom - a surprise ending. No spoilers here. Set in Brooklyn in the 1970's, with a good feel for life back then. Good casting by Eve Battaglia - with particularly good work by lead Troy Garity, and David Provale at his best. An excellent directing debut by Federico Castelluccio. If you like the mob genre, then watch this film

  • Thoughtful information


    This is the review I wrote on IMDb : A very well written and directed movie. Keep in mind this is not a Multi Million Dollar Hollywood Extravaganza. This is an Independent film and pretty much a low budget. With what the Director, Writer and the rest of the Crew of this movie had to work with I honestly, have to say from the bottom of my heart that I consider The Brooklyn Banker a true amazing success and I want to personally congratulate everyone who made it all possible. I am very happy to know that this is only the beginning of a promising successful future in the art of film making. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see what is next. But, for now, I will continue to enjoy this Movie and spread the word around about how much I enjoyed it. If this was their first movie then try to imagine the possibilities of the next one. Great Job!


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