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The Christmas Bunny (2010)

The Christmas Bunny (2010)

Sophie BolenMadeline VailColby FrenchDerek Brandon
Tom Seidman


The Christmas Bunny (2010) is a English movie. Tom Seidman has directed this movie. Sophie Bolen,Madeline Vail,Colby French,Derek Brandon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. The Christmas Bunny (2010) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

The Christmas Bunny is the story of a Michigan family, facing tough economic times, who take in a withdrawn foster child, Julia (Sophie Bolen). Convinced she's unlovable, Julia dreams of becoming "real," like the Velveteen Rabbit in her treasured storybook video. When a real-life rabbit is injured by her foster brother in an accident, Julia meets the Bunny Lady, a local recluse who cares for people's cast-away pets, and both their lives are changed by the encounter.


The Christmas Bunny (2010) Reviews

  • Superior Christmas family film


    This is a charming family film about a recently fostered young girl who has trouble communicating until she finds an injured rabbit. The film explores the problem of loneliness through the eyes of both the young girl and an old lady who cares for injured animals. The film steers clear of the usual schmaltz served up in most Christmas movies and is realistic in it's portrayal of how children actually behave. The script and performances of the cast are far above most made for TV movies. What struck me most was the cinematography which was superb. It seemed like a much higher budget film. It's not a film that will change your life but it is more than worth a watch with the family in the run up to Christmas.

  • This is for the bunny lover in you


    Let me make one thing clear from the start: This is aimed at a young audience, it is very slow with an idea that is not original and was most likely made for TV. Those are factors you have to let flow into your vote and/or summary of the movie. You cannot compare this to big time cinema. I can still see that some people would have trouble and seeing this as a waste of their time. After this foreword (or warning if you will), I can tell you, that as someone who loves animals in general and bunnies more specifically, you will enjoy the movie. You'll probably yearn for more bunny time, but you won't get more. The story might be a bit more out there and not as kid friendly as some might expect either. Still the overall message is clear. The girl actress is really good, which only really is being revealed when you watch the Outtakes on the DVD. Plus the old lady is based on a real person (as you can witness on one of the short features of the Disc)

  • In between Hallmark and Lifetime


    I usually hate movies like this, but I actually enjoyed this one. Probably because it was a little darker than I expected. Not as "uplifting" as a Hallmark movie, but not as melodramatic as standard Lifetime fare. The cinematography has a nice indie feel to it rather than a sterile TV movie look. I thought the gloomy Michigan winter nicely framed the uncertain financial prospects of the dad and also the isolation of the girl. Though I wish the relationship between the rabbit lady and the girl had been developed a lot more since they were both so emotionally shutdown. Nevertheless, Florence Henderson did a great job in a role that played against her usual chirpy persona. I actually didn't recognize her until I saw the credits.

  • a pretty sweet little Christmas movie


    This little-known Christmas movie is pretty cute. It comes off as a bit low-budget, mostly because the acting by most of the adults is less than impressive, but the little girl does a good job of playing the gloomy foster child in need of security and affection. Florence Henderson is also fun to watch. All of the rabbit care described in the movie is surprisingly accurate. Whoever wrote the film obviously has experience with rabbits. They did a wonderful job of illustrating how sensitive these animals are, and that they frequently do not belong in the hands of young children, especially without some firm guidance. There are some heavy Christian overtones in this movie. I am not religious, but that doesn't bother me in movies. However it is a bit silly/over-the-top at some moments. This story is pretty refreshing; it confronts a lot of family issues that are not acknowledged in a lot of holiday movies. Definitely worth watching for animal-lovers, people with children who are animal-lovers, and pretty much anyone who can appreciate a simple, cute family movie.

  • Charming but not overly sweet, with lessons on responsibility


    In Ottawa County in western Michigan, the Cooper family is in financial trouble because Scott has lost his engineering job and his wife Patti's job painting furniture doesn't pay enough. They have a son Billy. One way to help the family make money is to take in a foster child. Julia is on her fifth foster home. Her mother keeps getting in trouble, and has given Julia up only to ask for her back and get in trouble again. Julia arrives but won't talk. She has a video of "The Velveteen Rabbit" which she immediately starts watching, and she won't stop. The family goes to Uncle Chip's house, which is really nice. Chip has money and can offer Scott a job but Scott won't take it. The family opens presents on Christmas Eve because Chip, his wife and his son and daughter are going to Mexico on the big day. One of the presents results in a serious injury to a rabbit in the woods; the bunny appears to be a pet. Julia picks it up and holds it, and Scott and Patti go to the vet. The vet wants a lot more money than the family can afford, but it is possible for the rabbit to recover without him doing anything. This will require help from someone who knows rabbits, and there is a place. The family has seen the old house where Betsy Ross lives, with a sign saying "Rabbits" out front. Betsy takes the rabbit, saying she knows exactly what to do, and the family should come back next Tuesday. This is after Julia starts school. So will the rabbit get well? Will Julia adapt to her new situation? Will Scott get a job? Will Julia's mom show up for Christmas? Sophia Bolen does a great job. She doesn't have to say much, and when she does talk, she shows a wide range. If you're looking for Carol Brady, look somewhere else. Florence Henderson does an outstanding job but looks her age at long last; Betsy has made no effort to look good. Her personality is more Martha Raye or Sophia Petrillo than what Henderson has given us over the years. And that's fine. She is kind and loving in her way. This is not a sweet movie, but it is touching, and Betsy has a lot to teach about responsibility. Faith is included in this movie as well. Patti has it but Scott is about to lose his. While the movie had a TV-G rating, that doesn't mean it is without concerns. Julia's mother did abuse her, though she hits a camera showing Julia's point of view, not the girl. She is dressed for a hot date, but some of what is said about her suggests she was a prostitute. Plus she sold drugs. In addition, Julia, having been abused, also abuses. Overall, this is a fine family film.


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